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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday at Puppy School, lesson 3...

There are two more weeks to puppy school.  We have reached the main stretch and Yasir has come around magically from a beast to a quite civilized puppy.  He has learned to sit, stay, go down, and today he learned come and leave it.  The trainer was there with her 5-year-old dog today and she told us it was important to train our puppies for 10 minutes each day, twice a day.  I asked her if they learn by repetition and she said, yes, that is how they learn.  They think and can problem solve, but practice makes perfect, like in ballet.

I did not have a ballet class today but I did go for my swim after leaving my sunny apartment in the afternoon to head out into the icy cold.  My hands felt cold today, really bad for a spring day.  There were lots of swimmers at the gym today and the water was quite warm, so I plowed away, feeling a little weak at first, but I made myself do the "repetitions" and now I feel lighter and stronger again.  I won't let the cold get me down, and it is supposed to get warm come April, so I must continue onward.  I am persistent, if nothing else...

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