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Monday, March 21, 2011

Is it Monday?

Yes, and I slept late because of my "cold."  I postponed my dental appointment and then went to the beach with Yasir.  It would be good for him to romp in the sand, I thought.  Surprisingly, no one was there, except for the usual joggers, so Yasir enjoyed his spring morning on the beach.

Then I went to the gym to Pilates class and found that I had no strength and so I concentrated on making small movements, which are often harder and so I got my technique in that way.  Then I went swimming, feeling tired, but pushing myself to do my laps, and then I felt better afterwards.

I had a big sandwich for lunch, took Yasir to the park and then got to afternoon ballet class, where everybody in the class seemed lethargic, also.  I think because the weather is warmer, we are not used to the warmth and actually sweating, after a cold winter.  The teacher was surprisingly nice to us in class, giving us an "easy" battement combination and so on.  She is very kind and loves to dance, that is why I continue to attend her class, although she can be really mean, too, but if you work and try, she will love you...

I went home in the chilly night and found my puppy was uncontrollable most of the night and so I did what the "Puppy Primer" said, play with him and his toys, try a little crate training and so on, and now he is sleeping!!  So tomorrow I will go to a job interview and it is supposed to get cold again, so I need to repair my coat that my puppy constantly wants to bite, but according to the Primer, that is how they learn about their world.  I went to my neighbor's apartment to look after Tiger for a while.

He is doing just fine and probably likes being with his young mistress who pampers him.  He recognizes me and it is nice that he is nearby.  I am glad he has a good home and is happy, although I wish I could have kept him, but I really do like my walks with puppy and watching him grow.  It will be a challenge to control his puppy energy, but I love a challenge...

Some class moves:
1. Tendus croise devant, derrierre, degages efface, petit developpe pas de bourre pirouettes.
2. Balance balance through 4th position, chasse pas de bourre pirouettes lunge, pas de bourre, pirouettes en dedans to developpe arabesque fondu pas de bourre.
3. Glissade side to side with assembles, quatres.
4. Glissade assemble sissonnes side to side with pique pas de bourre pirouettes; reverse.
5. Adagio:  grand plie, developpe seconde to attitude, promenade in attitude to arabesque, chasse pas de bourre pirouettes en dedans.
--Barre was very concerned with rhythms and timing...piques with frappes fondu, slow fondus en croix, use the feet..it's so hard to point your feet, the teacher said...

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