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Sunday, March 27, 2011


My favorite day of the week.  The runners were in the park and Yasir ran around a bit, too, and then I went to Joffrey Academy.  The class was the same, as this teacher likes to repeat the combinations so that we can perfect the movements, but, as always, every day is different in terms of how your body is and what to work on.  I felt a little less stiff, since I realized on Friday how my hip flexors didn't want to work and so it was important not to hoist my legs up but to go through the socket, something I am feeling now due to Pilates and yoga training that pinpoint these joints so important in classical ballet.

Then I got home and took Yasir to the beach.  He had a mad run in the sand; there was nobody on the beach except for another dog and his master and I was tempted to join them but it was so cold that I just let Yasir play in the sand for now.  The waves were really choppy and it was surreal being there alone, but it felt great to be with the elements and watch my energetic puppy.

After being at the beach, I wanted to go for a swim at the gym, but I settled for walking underwater and practicing tendus in the water, followed by the whirpool, steam room and sauna, which felt good in this cold weather.  I stepped outside and felt warm, temporarily.  Now I am home with Yasir and he has been very good today, playing with his toys and being more quiet.  I went to see what my former kitten, Tiger, was doing, since I was watching him this weekend while my neighbor was away...Tiger had knocked over some food and tore through a roll of paper and generally made a mess, so Yasir is doing great in comparison...

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