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Sunday, March 20, 2011

First day of spring...

So I took Yasir for a walk around the block and went to ballet class with my favorite classical teacher and now my bones feel loose as a goose.  Actually, I saw my old friend Pinky on the walk home across the river, stopping for some green salad at Whole Foods and watching some amazing young folk singers.  At first I thought it was a girl singing, and then when I walked in to pick out an orange, there was a young boy singing and strumming a guitar.  Fantastic!  I don't know who they were but I took a picture.

I got home and turned around to take Yasir to meet my old dog's trainer and she picked him up and admired him.  Then she gave me some good tips.  Don't let your dog be an experiment for another dog, she said.  Better to be conservative when meeting other dogs.  Also, about the barking at night, he needs to learn how to be alone, so practice crating him, letting him walk in the crate for a short time, then longer, with the door open, then with the door closed, then walking around the crate with him staying put.  After all, she said, what if you have to live somewhere that is not your own space and he damages the walls, etc.

We had a fun walk coming home, me wheeling him part-way in his little cart which he is quickly outgrowing, until we got halfway home and then I let him chase me through the park, which he loved.  This he can do until he gets bigger and stronger and then it won't be safe to let him run off-leash.  Now he is sound asleep, after I tried some crate exercises so he would be a better puppy...

1. Plies facing barre with releves.
2. Plies with port de bras.
3. Tendu front, plie, back, plie, side, plie, en croix with port de bras.
4. Degages front, back, side, side, side, balance in passe.
5. Ronde jambs with fondu, balance in attitude, extend.
6. Fondus front, front extend to side with ronde jambes; repeat from back.
7. Frappes with fondus to side, beats.
8. Grand battements front, back, side side; en croix in single beats.
1. Tendu devant croise, derrierre croise, glissade over and under, pas de basque, pirouettes, pas de bourre en tournant, pirouettes en dedans.
2. Adagio: grand plie, pique arabesque promenade, pas de bourre, pirouettes.
3. Plie passe, pirouette from 5th, from 4th, pas de bourre pirouette en dedans.
4. Jumps: 16 changements, changements with echappes, jump to 4th, pirouettes.
5. Pique arabesque balance, emboites, step assemble, pique arabesque step step assemble.
The teacher said to go beyond the balance and keep growing into the arabesque.  Also, spot, Dorothy, spot.  The position is okay, just relax, look, and look again.  Don't get tense about it.  So now I know I need to work on getting my left side stronger so I can really be on my leg, like I am on the right side.  It was good to feel my bones move in this class, after all the different rotations.  Rotation is so important to classical ballet and how you use it.  Work on the feet, of course, but extending the entire leg taut.  Then I stretched while watching part of a private class where he told the student to recite the steps, matter-of-fact, something a dancer has to do, not a big deal...also, stretching everything.  My yoga teacher was right, extend the [left] arm out and try to touch something.  I tried to touch the rainy clouds outside...

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