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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday night

I am staying up way too late again.  I got to the gym late and swam and swam and now I feel so light and strong.  It was good to stretch in the steam room after going to another ballet class this morning.  Dancing is just so much fun I just want to do it every day.  We had a sub but the class was good and I enjoyed being there with all the other diehard dancers who showed up on a Good Friday.  It was another rainy day but I managed to take my puppy out between showers and we had a nice walk to the pet store, as I am still trying to teach him to walk on a leash, young as he is.  Next week he starts obedience class and I will have some help to curb his playful habits.  After all, when he is bigger, it will not be such a pleasure to walk a dog who pulls his leash.  The man at the pet store told me I should be more low key and just ignore him but stop him before he starts a bad action.  I am sure I spoil him and certainly should be more objective, but it's hard because playing with him is so much fun...

Barre was tricky with lots of changes of feet and too many steps.  I would have liked a simpler barre but sometimes it is good to move fast and think, I'm sure...
Some lovely dance combinations but the class moved so fast it's hard to remember specific details...I will keep trying...

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