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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday night...

Restless, can't sleep, but what do you expect when I worked nights for so many years.  Went to ballet early in the morning and the teacher said I looked better.  Made my day, really, but I need to stop being so chatty in class.  Even though a dance class can be an informal event, there are still others there and you must respect their thoughts.  I am just too friendly sometimes.

So after class I went on some errands and filled out some job applications and finally got home.  The weather was cold and damp all day and I thought it was just as well because my puppy is healing and he didn't miss much.  Then I went to a Pilates class at the gym and went home and called it a day.  I got drenched on the way home so I got home, lit some candles and incense, and watched TV with doggie.  Very cozy.

1. Stand parallel and roll head, then roll head with shoulders, slowly bend down and walk forward, bend alternate knees to stretch calves, then bend elbows down as far as you can to floor.
2. Plies with port de bras.  1st, bend sideways and over; 2nd, in and out; 4th, around; 5th, down and outward.
3. Tendus en croix through ball of foot.
4. Tendus 1st & 5th, en croix.
5. Degages facing barre, degages front and back very fast.
6. Degages seconde, en croix 2x, sou sou and turn to other side.
7. Ronde jambes, chasse forward, back, pas de bourre towards barre; move leg en l'air, then front through passe to arabesque, penche.
8. Stretch leg on barre with plies, take opposite leg with arm and stretch.
9. Splits on floor, bend forward, sit up and point and flex foot, bend backwards.
10. Lunge and releve in arabesque, promenade to other side.
11. Frappes with "beats."
12. Developpes en croix after tendu, squeezing legs from open position.
13. Grand battements and plies.
1. Tendu combination croise, wrap foot, elonge, tendus to side, repeat derrierre.
2. Pique arabesque contretemps to other side, pas de bourre over, pirouettes en dedans, soutenu, releve efface run off.
3. Waltz in line, chasse pas de bourre pirouettes.
4. Jumps in 1st, turning, 2nd, changements.
5. Pique turns en diagonal.
6. Pique arabesque glissade assemble, faille assemble.
7. Roll down in parallel and stretch.

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