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Sunday, April 24, 2011


It was nice to take class from a dedicated dancer again, an academy student who really knows how to teach.  There were a lot of people in class and it was a good working class where we all made interesting patterns at the prompting of this talented young student.  We worked through a traditional barre with plies, tendus, degages, ronde jambes, fondus, frappes, developpes and finally grand battements.  Everything was straightforward, a welcome change from yesterday's tricky barre, so I could really feel my placement and work on my port de bras.  Often when the footwork is tricky, it's hard to use the arms because you are focusing on the steps.  Someday I will master both...

The teacher gave us several stretch periods and then we proceeded with center.  We started with tendus croise with temps leves and pirouettes; and then we reversed the tendus and temps leves, which is always a little tricky because going backwards is not how you normally move, unless you are a dancer, of course.  After tendus we did a combination that started with pique arabesque, faille into attitude turn en dehors followed by chainnes and lame duck turns.  We also did an adagio composed of developpes, arabesque promenades and turns en dedans.

After these flowy movements we started jumping in 1st, 2nd, changements and echappes with beats.  Then we did assembles with glissades, jetes and ballonnes.  Finally the class ended with chasse pas de bourre pirouettes and grand jetes.  Very basic but effective class, after which I stretched and felt really great.

As I went home, I noticed a change in the air and suddenly it felt like spring.  The sun made patterns in the sidewalks, the birds were singing and all the flowers were standing at attention in the daylight.  My puppy greeted me and started jumping excitedly, ready to go out.  We ended up walking to the zoo and back, a good 2 hour walk.  Yasir was an angel outside, coming when called, just a delight to be with.  Of course, everyone admired him again and laughed at his puppy ways.

I went to the gym but only walked around the pool and did some laps with the kickboard, retreating to the sauna to relax my muscles.  Then I went home and watched TV with puppy, almost falling asleep while watching a history program about the young Queen Victoria, who fascinates me.  It seems she was a feisty child with a mind of her own at a very early age...

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