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Sunday, April 17, 2011


1. Facing barre, plies and releves, end with balance.
2. Plies with port de bras front, back, side, circular.
3. Tendus en croix with demi plies.  Port de bras.
4. Degages front, side, back, passe balance; reverse.
5. Fondu tendus en croix.
6. Ronde jambes with circular port de bras.
7. Frappes en croix, demi-toe en croix, beats.
8. Developpes front, back, side, plie attitude, ronde jambe
    around to arabesque balance; ronde jambes a la seconde.
9. Grand battements en croix.
1. Tendu side with pas de bourres, plie 5th pirouette, plie 4th releve, then pirouettes.
2. Adagio: grand plie, pique arabesque, pas de bourre, pirouettes.
3. Developpe a la seconde, ronde jambe to arabesque, releve.
4. Jumps: 16 changements, changements with echappes.
5. Glissade assemble 2x, jete temps leve 2x, assemble.
6. Sissonnes arabesque pas de bourre glissade.

There, I wrote down today's class, although it's difficult to remember things when I don't write them down regularly.  I will have to pay more attention to detail in class, I think, because I am so busy trying to learn the movements that I don't see the whole picture, that is, it's really a lot easier than it seems.
It was great to be in class with my friends again with this wonderful teacher and I lingered afterward to stretch and chat.

Then I did a little shopping in my old neighborhood, remembering the days my mother would take me here, and then I got home and took my puppy out to the beach and then we circled back through the park.  He is still good running off-leash, but when he is bigger and stronger, I think I will have to take care where he runs.  I saw a lot of dog friends who wanted my puppy to play some more, but I must remember that he is a growing puppy and can't be out too long still...

So then I got home in time to hit the gym for a swim before they closed on Sunday.  I was alone in the pool again and it felt great, and then I soaked in the steam room and almost fell asleep.  Now it is time to call it a night and think about working through the week.

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