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Saturday, April 2, 2011


I danced underwater, I mean, I did my lane walks and then opted to do an underwater barre instead of swimming, as it was late and I had been with puppy all day, at puppy school, and then just enjoying the day.  My dance teacher said she did this often when she was sore, and it really does help to feel the power of the water and doing barre steps against its resistance.  It works your muscles but you are not sore because the water takes the pain away by acting as a sort of cushion.  I think this would be a good way to strengthen my legs and hips and especially, to work my turnout, since the water provides equal tension on all sides, as another teacher commented when I told him I liked to swim and practice dancing underwater...

Puppy school is so much fun and I wonder who is learning more, me or puppy.  I agree with this trainer that it is the owner's responsibility to control a dog and do what's best for their dog.  A good owner will make for a good dog.  So, I must be more consistent with the exercises, as dogs learn through repetition.  There is just so much to raising a puppy and it is a very short time that they are small, so you need to really devote some time to them at this stage of their life, and it is so rewarding to love your dog.

After puppy class I took Yasir to the park and lake, where he met some other dogs, and I loved to watch him playing and discovering everything for the first time.  He is still young enough to run freely without running away and since a puppy will follow you around, I am using his youth to impress upon him the importance of returning to me, although once he is bigger, I will have to really watch him.  Even now, there is always the danger of running into something or someone, so you must always guard your dog against harm.

Now he is home, sleeping and playing with the large beef trachea I bought him, since he is teething and needs something interesting to bite on.  He is outgrowing his toys and starting to take the stuffing out of his once-favorite bear, but he seems to be more gentle with his stuffed objects than my previous dogs, perhaps because he has been the youngest puppy I have had and I remembered my vet's words about training young, which is really paying off...

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