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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday News...

I took my puppy out for a really long walk today.  We went all the way to the zoo and I let him run around again.  He loved the farm and being with the big brown cow, who was watching him intently as he jumped crazily around the still not-there grass.  Soon it will be nicer outside and we can spend more time outside, but when he got home he was nice and tired and so I snuck out to afternoon ballet with a Russian teacher.

Her class was much appreciated.  After yesterday, I am even more conscious of proper form and tried to do the movements that the young girls did so easily.  I found that if I extended my arms and relaxed my legs, something the Pilates teacher said when I ask why I have so much tension in my hamstrings, my posture and line looked much lighter.

The movements were standard to the other girls, who knew the class, so I followed them until I could repeat the movements.  I really enjoy dancing along with younger girls because they have so much fun in ballet class and don't feel the pains of grown dancers.  In fact, the teacher yesterday remarked to the boy in class who was learning tours, you must feel like a little boy who is playing and having so much fun, not to be heavy at all...

Then I went to the gym, to yoga, followed by Pilates.  I don't know how I found the energy for all this, but the energy comes with applying yourself to the task and now I feel so much better, ready to sleep and energize for a new day.

1. Facing barre, tendus to side with plies, backbends.
2. Tendu force arch, arms in and out, plies with port de bras forward, back, side.
3. Degages facing barre.
4. Ronde jambes double, 7 more, around off the floor, grand ronde jambes, penches.
5. Fondu front, carry side, back to front; en croix.
6. Frappes 4x front, 4x side, 2x front, 2x side, 1x front and side; reverse, beats with arms.
7. Developpes en croix.
8. Grand battements slow and faster rhythm.
1. Passe releve pirouettes.
2. Adagio: Present 5th with arms in cradle position, tendu to side with elonge arms, soutenu around, pique arabesque penche, circular port de bras, bourre around, lunge on knee.
3. Jumps changements.
4. Jump sissonne en tournant, quatre beats, assemble devant, pas de basque assemble.
5. Pique turns with coupe jetes.
6. Reverence: 1st position, port de bras forward, back, side, arch over into bridge.
It was nice to take a basic class like this and really work on rotation.  I noticed also how much head movements and arm positions will help your posture and I tried to "fix" myself in the mirror when I looked crooked.
Yoga: restorative, with sun salutations, lunges, stretches.  Pilates: magic circle held with hands to do roll-ups and oblique curls; also, bending over legs and curving back felt good.  Leg stretches with magic circle, leg circles, plank, Pilates releves.  Tough exercise: leg lifts to side in kneeling position.  Hip flexors did not want to work -- also, bridges with leg lifts.

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