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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday at Puppy School

Yasir's first puppy class: sit, down, stand, a/k/a the doggie pushups.  Place treat by nose and bring back behiind head, which forces puppy to sit, then coax him down using your bait until he is "down."  Stand we did not cover today.  Mainly, the trainer said never to force puppy to do something, otherwise he will never come to you because if you are mean to him, you will not be worth returning to.  But, also remember who's boss, and your dog will try to assume this role if you don't and then you will have a monster.  I think, from today's lesson, since everyone adores puppies and you just want to cuddle them all day, after your 15 minute session with him every few times a day, then you can reward him by hugs and kisses...and when he is bad, never be mean or put him in a crate for punishment because these are also negative things.  Just say, "ah ah ah ah," not NO! and you will have a calm, happy puppy.

It was a windy bleak day as I arrived early to puppy school with my shivering puppy but soon he was playing and even learned to calm down, which is reinforced after a "go play" session with taking his collar and saying "Gotcha" and then proceeding to stroke his ears and paws and rewarding him with a treat after he has learned to "settle."  Must learn terminology...

I was really impressed with Yasir's travel savvy on the train and bus today.  He is a great little traveler and mostly slept, enjoying the warmth inside, even with all the young people going to town for the St. Patrick's Day parade, wearing green gloves and green beads and generally carousing in the subway.  Yasir didn't bat an eye, he was so cool.  So now he is home with his stuffed toys and I am headed to the gym for a swim, I think...

I thought not, after going outside in the chilly wind, so I bought some groceries and went home.  I am just resting today and feel a little restless as a result, but I will do it all again tomorrow.  Meanwhile, there is me and Yasir and quality time together.

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