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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Today I got to go to ballet class at Joffrey Academy!  The class was a repeat of the previous classes of the week, since a lot of the students are still trying to master the quick steps this teacher gives.  After these classes, I find that I am amazingly loose and I think it is because quick movements often release muscles so much better than slower movements.  The problem is to nail the combinations!

Then I went home to take Yasir out in his stroller.  Since he is small enough to take on the bus, we headed to the South Loop, where there are many dog friendly places.  I took him to a small enclosed park and let him romp around freely.  Hopefully I can take him there often so he can release some of his puppy energy. He is still quite hyper at home, growling at his toys and working himself into a frenzy.  I hope the neighbors will understand that he is in a puppy phase, oh, dear!

He is at his best outdoors, of course, being a hunting dog, and it is a pleasure to take him "travelling," which he loves.  We visited historic Prairie Street and, walking around, I felt like I was transported into the past somehow.  I really love this street and wonder what life must have been like in those days 100 years ago.  Yasir enjoyed it, too, and he met several lovely dogs that reside in this neighborhood and generally had a good romp.

Then I went to the gym and into the pool, just relaxing, like my ballet teacher said I should do.  I asked him after class what to do when my muscles feel tight and my bad back starts to bother me and he said I should learn to breathe and just relax when I move.  Movement is the key, breathing and relaxing, not gripping and holding tension.

So I am home now with Yasir, who is having trouble calming down and is bouncing all over my apartment.  Maybe the stimulation of the day was too much for him, or maybe we need to start going for longer walks, now that he is getting stronger every day.  I am afraid of wearing him out because he is so young, but I don't think I have to worry about that too much!

Dancing away, I really got into the music:
Balance, balance, releve developpe efface, pas de bourre en tournant pique arabesque faille, releve attitude renverse, pas de bourre, pique turns...assemble, assemble, jete temps leves, glissade assemble assemble, glissade jete, brises...I am really beginning to love these swirling turning movements.  Beats looked better, too!  Teacher said not to hop, really straighten the knee and spot, spot...

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