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Monday, March 7, 2011

Is it really only Monday?

Yasir continues to impress me with his poise and manners.  He waits quietly for me by the door when I come home and does not bark hardly at all, except when he is excited by too much playing or get frustrated when I don't let him bite me or jump on me, two bad puppy habits that, although they may be cute now, will not be so cute when he gets his real teeth and becomes bigger.  So, I am trying to discipline him, although it would be nice for him to go to puppy kindergarten, if it wasn't so expensive.  I am looking into other places, perhaps in the suburbs, that might be cheaper...

So after spending the morning at home attending to matters and playing with Yasir, we ventured out and he just wanted to keep walking, so we went for a longer walk and visited a pet-friendly luggage shop, where the salesgirl had fun giving Yasir biscuits if he sat for her.  "He knows how to sit," she said, and I said, yes, I had been teaching him the sit command.  She reminded me not to spoil him, cute as he is and said he should work for his treats.  I think I will have to stop letting Yasir run free, too, since he is starting to run off further and is no longer to be trusted on the busy streets until he is old enough to go to a dog park that is confined by fences.  I once read a book on pointers that said you must have a 6-foot high fence around your property in order to keep a dog like this, and now I can see why...

Then we went home and puppy soon fell fast asleep from his long walk, so I went to ballet class and then headed to the gym for Pilates and yoga afterward.  Now I am home and Yasir greeted me at the door, stretching in a downward dog, ha, ha, still sleepy.  I took him out and around the block and now he is tearing into his toys again...

Ballet class:
1. Stretches pulling away from the barre, degage forward, stretch away.  Good for the back...
2. Tendu flex en croix.
3. Tendus in 5th, degages 1st 5th 5th.
4. Ronde jambes with developpe passe penche.
5. Ronde jambes en l'air with beats.
6. Frappes en croix with fondu frappes to side, beats.
7. Developpes en croix.
8. Grand battements with passe fondus.
1. Tendus to side with passe releve, then pirouettes.
2. Balance balance pique arabesque pirouettes, developpe ecarte, chasse fouette fondu.
3. Jumps changements, echappes with trois beats.
4. Lunge glissade grande jete; releve attitude cambre.
Much of the class today was spent on corrections.  Hips square, stand up straight, pull up legs, use the feet, hold the arms.  When I was told to stand up straight, I felt like I was leaning backwards, but your torso must be held.
Later in yoga class the substitute teacher (the regular dancer-teacher is getting ready for a performance) said to think of the bottom from the waist down grounding into the floor and the torso being free and expansive and this would alleviate much of your lower back pain.  Also, the yoga teacher said to really sink the feet into the floor and pull up the thighs, just like in ballet.  Also, in triangle pose, he came up to me to ensure that my hips were held forward to get a better stretch and that the inside of the legs should be held up, just like if someone was underneath you and your legs would open like the pages of a book.  Interesting analogies and very helpful to me...
Pilates class was horrible -- I had no energy after getting there straight from ballet class.  I realize how important it is to wind down and stretch after a ballet class; otherwise, your muscles are being really burned.  I didn't realize that Pilates would be before yoga because yoga after dance class is okay -- it is relaxing while Pilates is not.  Pilates is about strength, which might come to me eventually, but doing planks and pushups after a dance class did not feel good...although I'm sure my body will thank me tomorrow.  Afterward, I asked the teacher if it is better to do a little bit and not push yourself if you don't have the strength you might have on a better day and she said, yes, do what your body will allow.

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