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Friday, March 11, 2011


It was nice to be outside with Yasir all morning.  The sun was shining and we walked all around the neighborhood, stopping at the pet store again for more chewies.  Then I went to Pilates class and worked on small movements, trying to articulate my joints in all the tight places and afterwards I fell asleep in the sauna after my swim.  Then I went home to fix lunch and to take Yasir to the vet for more shots.  He is really a very good puppy and gets along well with everybody, except for his nipping me, but he will be going to puppy school tomorrow and they won't let him get away with that there.  I am too nice to him, I think.

So with Yasir chewing his treats, I was ready to leave him for ballet class at Joffrey Academy.  I really worked on correct technique and turnout, trying to look like a real dancer, not just someone going through the movements incorrectly.  Class was great, except for the beats we did while jumping; I still have trouble articulating my feet and with beats, my flaws show even more.  I think I need to just jump it out because some movements are learned better by just doing it and then polishing it later after you get the feeling of the movement.  I won't be going to class tomorrow because I will be taking Yasir to school, but that will be a learning experience for me, too.  Maybe all the obedience will even help with my dancing.

Dance class:
Same barre, getting easier, and I ate my tuna today (fish, fish).  Brain food.  Eat fish, teacher says...
Center was lovely, with tendu plies and pirouettes; adagio; same combinations as before.  So when I return Sunday, maybe work on the jumps.  There is always the basement tomorrow...

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