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Friday, March 11, 2011

Late Thursday

and I am watching Craig Ferguson with my puppy.  What a day, moving more things out of storage and cleaning my apartment, only to have a neighbor complain that the cleaners I was using were too strong -- and to think this same person (I saw her sneaking down the hall) complained about a doggy smell coming from my apartment when I had a dog before.  I am so tired of people who complain when you have pets.  I know for a fact that this woman fears animals because she always crouches away in fear when she sees one.  Well, a cat breeder once told me that it is nobody's business whether you have a pet or not and I am not going to let people like this create a negative environment for me or my new pet, so there!

That said, the business of the day done, I went to a late ballet class with adults with similar problems who come to adult classes to unwind and have fun, like an architect I commiserated with.  He's not much of a dancer, kind of shy, but he's quite smart.  This is how I used to be until I met some dancers who taught me "not to be afraid of life" as one girl put it.  Yes, dancers must be bold to survive, as I read in a recent danceer's magazine article...

Then, tired as I was, I swam as a basketball game was going on in the court, which is visible from the pool.  I watched the players and coaches and they watched me swim, sort of, and I realized that, as much as I swim, I am nowhere at the level that they are in terms of hard work and professionalism.  As they watched me get my tired self across the water, they probably thought, oh, poor gym patron.  This made me keep going.  As a teacher said to another student in a recent class, you are too soft.  It's true.  Even a mother I met in another class said the same thing, that people in general are too soft.

That is why I love my dog.  He will never be "soft" and he tests me every day to see if I am tough enough to control his wicked puppy ways.  I have learned to love it, the animal side...

A lot of "dancers" in the adult class (one teacher I had always called his students "dancers") remarked how nice the combinations were in tonight's class:

1. Demi-plies, plies, demi-toe balances.
2. Tendus in 1st position, tendus with plies repeat.
3. Degage soutenu to next position, balance in passe.
4. Ronde jambes with balancoire.
5. Degages with pirouettes en dehors and en dedans at barre.
6. Frappes with fondu efface beats; repeat on demi-toe.
7. Fondus with developpes.
8. Grand battements.
1. Tendu croise, ronde jambe with other leg to temps lie. Balance, balance, pique arabesque, releve developpe efface, chasse pas de bourre, pirouette en dedans with detourne, pose.
2. Adagio: Face back croise, chasse with high arms, turn to face front step step arabesque, fondu chasse pas de bourre, step attitude, sway arms, extend leg to pique arabesque promenade, chasse circular port de bras, step attitude to passe to pique arabesque promenade, detourne, chasse to beginning pose.
3. Jumps 1st 5th, 2nd releve, 2nd, pas de bourre.
4. Jete coupe assemble both sides, glissade jete 3x to coupe assemble changement, jete assemble.

The teacher corrected my arm coordination a few times as well as not turning out from behind with my arms and legs behind my shoulders...time to sleep and take Yasir to the vet bright and early, and then Pilates!  Also, a job interview coming up soon...still wishing I could apply my many talents and gifts to a purpose, but I much prefer this life of a starving artist.  As a coworker once said when designing a document on the computer, I'm an artist, it must be pretty...he was actually a rock musician who had a day job. So, time to dream some more...

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