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Monday, April 25, 2011

Rainy Monday

I'm looking out the window at the pouring rain.  I just got home from the gym, stopping to buy some Easter lilies along the way.  They loved all the humidity.  Earlier today I went for a swim and then I took out Yasir, my puppy.  We went shopping, to the hardware store and later I took him to the park briefly but we mostly walked around the neighborhood today.  Not a good day for a romp.

Pilates and yoga class were great and I really tried to push myself, even though the weather is making me feel stiff.  Lately I feel I have been too lazy in class and moving too slowly but after spending Easter with my health-conscious family, I have new motivation.  Everybody on my sister's side is involved in the health field and I found it refreshing to be around people who really care about their health and are so knowledgeable.

So, in Pilates I was next to a girl who had never done Pilates before and I noticed that, although she was younger and stronger than me, I was the one who knew all the moves and had the best efficiency of movement.  Later in yoga class when I said to the teacher that I was too old and stiff to bend, he said that age did not make a difference.  I believe it's true.  Of course, we all want to be young, but there is an advantage to being older and wiser, too.  I hope I grow old gracefully and stay strong.

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