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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

It was a nice day for relaxing and visiting my family so I did not work out much, except I did go down to the basement gym in my building after returning from family dinner of ham, sweet potatoes, asparagus and fresh fruit for dessert.  My family lately has been on a health kick, too and we discussed carbohydrates and sugars and the fact that most cereals have no nutritional content.  Best to eat oatmeal...

I went to church at St. Michael's in Old Town, which was renovated a few years back.  It was a welcome change from my usual church in the city and I said to the priest afterward that I miss living there and he agreed that it had a more neighborly feel.  The mass was full of good music and I got a chance to sing and the woman in front of me even complimented me on my voice.  I wish I could sing in church again.  My eight years in church choirs were amazing fun.

I took puppy out before going to family dinner and we went to the beach and he had a nice run in the sand, the best exercise for him, and the sand provided a cushion for his young bones.  Earlier in the day before church I had taken him to the park for a similar run and he had the whole place to himself, as everyone else was in church.  So, it was workout day for puppy.

I realize even more now how working out defines me as a person and no matter what my problems in life, I am lucky to have that to fall back on.  After a good workout, everything falls into perspective and I realize that taking care of oneself and one's business is paramount in today's restless world.  It brings energy into your life and makes living worthwhile.  There is the sun and the sky forever and it is free to everyone, for the taking.  As the priest said in church, the gifts of God are there if you take them...

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