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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday -- another good day

I think Yasir is starting to get used to me leaving him although he still loves it when I hold him and "share" his toys.  We just sit on the sofa and I do little puppet things with his stuffed birds and the new pale blue ice cream cone stuffed toy I got for him at the dog show.  He is also making quite a hit in the neighborhood with the other dogs and people and so far he is being a very good puppy.  He is even understanding the sit command.

As for me, it was a pretty active day, too.  I moved some more things in storage after a morning ballet class.  I dread tomorrow because I will be downsizing storage lockers and will be stuck there in the morning until everything is tidy.  But downsize I must...

Class was great.  There were a few center combinations that the teacher made us do faster, like something in a waltz tempo, and I just though one, one, one instead of one, two, three, trying to see the whole picture more, as a Joffrey Academy girl told me last week, and trying to find the "lines" of the combinations instead of breaking them into pieces.  Also, my new beige warmup top emphasizes my arms and so lately I have been working them more, which always looks nice.  Good arms are so underrated in dancing, it seems.  The first center combination had some tricky "detours" and I commented to the teacher after class that I still don't know which way to go, but at least I don't bump into the other dancers so much anymore!

I got home and took Yasir for a walk to Bloomingdales, which is pet friendly, and then I had enough time to get to yoga class, a very slow, soothing one, and then I had enough energy for a swim, which was great, since I haven't had a chance to swim much lately.  A good, full day, and now I am playing with Yasir's toys again.

Barre as usual, impossible leg stretches with opposite hand raising opposite leg...splits, extreme barre...I need to really work on my feet because I am not using my leg if I don't point my foot, a former teacher of mine used to say.  Maybe I need to do tendus around the apartment, as Balanchine said about cooking soup and doing tendus.
Center: (after the standard tendu combination with port de bras)
1. Waltz in line, soutenu, developpe a la seconde, pas de basques in a circle, pas de bourre or step over, releve developpe arabesque going back, soutenu, waltz in line, etc...
2. Pique turns with chainnes, very fast.

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