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Friday, March 4, 2011

Rainy Friday and not much better weekend

When the weather is lousy, it is always good to work out.  On a nice day, it's hard to be indoors, so today was the perfect day to head to Pilates class, after taking Yasir out shopping a little.  We went to American Girl Place, a store that has beautiful dolls, and they let Yasir come in because he was in his stroller.  Now that he is small, I take him around this way, and he seems to like being in stores.  Of course, Bloomingdales and a few other stores let any size dog in, so we can always go there...

Pilates class was packed again and we went through the usual regime.  My rollups are getting more fluid, although I still get stuck in the waistline area, especially when I have to do the teaser.  My planks from a lying down on my stomach position are not happening yet, but when my waistline gets more supple, I think it might work.  Hard for me also is rolling up with my hands behind my head, where you can only use your abs to pull up.  I think it is a matter of shoulder stability, too.  Definitely have to get stronger arms, so I went swimming again, with the pool to myself again.  Then I took puppy out, and then it started raining again.

I like to be alone like this and just let my thoughts happen, like when I went to ballet class and was early, so I just lay down on a bench and stretched until the others came.  I thought of how silly it is to stress over things and make yourself crazy...then I got dressed for class, trying to get through the confusing combinations at barre of this very good dancer's class...

It was still pouring rain when I headed home and since I lost my umbrella, I got soaking wet but I'm used to it.  Tomorrow it is supposed to snow and then it will be icy.  Yasir, my puppy will not like it -- he did not much like the rain today, but he is so tiny that the weather is too rough for him and I have to hold him a lot, like a baby.  He is being very good, though, and being quiet when I am gone, but soon he will become more active...

Dance Class
1. Tendu front plie, front, side, tendu back plie and straighten, two tendus; repeat reverse.
2. Degages en croix, 3 front, 3 back, 2 side.
3. Ronde jambes with battement passe to arabesque.
4. Developpe fondu front, developpe front, back, side, balance in attitude.
5. Ronde jambes en l'air, extend seconde, pirouette, soutenu, ronde jambes on demi-toe.
6. Frappes front side, side front, back en croix, with pointed feet, double front, double back, double front, double side.
7. Battements en croix, 3 front, 3 back, 2x side.
1. Tendu plie front, back, glissade to pirouette, detourne with pirouette en dedans.
2. Adagio croise fondu front, pique balance attitude, developpe seconde, plie pique, fouette to arabesque, promenade, plie pas de bourre, attitude turn en dehors, plie pas de bourre en tournant.
3. Chasse pas de bourre pirouettes, detourne, pique turns, chasse pas de bourre pirouettes, detourne, inside pique turn, chainnes, pique arabesque balance.
4. Jumps 1st 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 5th, 5th, 1st, 5th 5th.
5. Jete temps leve right and left, assemble right and left, repeat with glissades.
6. Chasse arabesque, chasse arabesque, change directions, glissade grand jete, step assemble front.
7. Echappes with ballonne front, back, step assemble.
I am going to try this class again on Sunday and try to also be more specific with the steps.  Confusing as they are to me, they do teach you to think and this leads to more intricate footwork, with also develops technique by firing the muscles--I noticed in class tonight how I looked much straighter and my feet looked better because I was trying to articulate these steps...

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