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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Workout

After taking Yasir to the park, I went to morning ballet class, where all the old crowd was.  I greeted the Russian pianist, telling her she looked as glamorous as ever.  She always dresses up for class and she takes regular yoga classes, too.  There were a lot of professional dancers there who sometimes make me feel inferior, but, surprisingly, I ignored them and danced away, so it went quite well.  Then I went to the gym right away for a swim, where I was alone in the pool and just let myself go.

I took Yasir to the beach today, meeting a fellow dancer who has two dogs who lives down the street.  All the dogs played together and Yasir had fun running through the sand.  I got home just in time for restorative yoga class, whew, ate a Luna bar, and stayed for a really grueling but great Pilates class.

Then I went to the grocery store and felt amazingly strong, carrying a 6-pack of diet coke with vitamins like it was nothing.  Yasir was a good boy when I got home, no noises from the hallway, and then we took a walk around the block, where I saw the doorman from my old building and I went inside his new building to show him my new puppy and a couple of girls gushed over him.  Details...

Barre was simple yet effective.  Afterwards I stretched with my theraband and noticed how my left side was bent inward.  Also later in yoga and Pilates I could feel how my hips went back and broke the line of my side.  In center, we did a nice adagio after a basic tendu combination with pirouettes.  The adagio had a promenade a la seconde which I did well after remembering one teacher say to look over the arm when doing arabesque promenade...then there were jumps such as sissonnes, assembles, jetes, beats.  We ended the class with menage jetes and then I stretched the pain away...

Sitting in a comfortable seated position, we closed our eyes and then moved our arms around.  Then we did the downward dog with cobra and lots of leg stretches.  At the end, we placed props under our backs and rested our legs against the wall.  The teacher told me to place the rolled over extra mat vertically along my back and I could feel how my sides were uneven.

No props, just us and the mat.  Started with rolls up and down our spine and bridge pose, moving feet alternately.  Then we raised one leg to the ceiling and raised it up and down while in bridge, keeping our hips square.  We did side stretches with rolling through the spine, and then lifted our legs up and stretched our hamstrings, and also did leg circles and oblique crunches. We lay on our sides and did leg lifts and circles.  Then we did the plank, holding for 60 seconds.  Just 20 more seconds, ladies...

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