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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm not Irish, but I admire the spirit of the holiday...

I really am quite religious and love to go to church and it doesn't matter what church, just to be in a church, because of the spirituality of it.  There must be more to life than just existing on a physical level, I have always thought.  When I was a student, I had the luck of being in Dublin on St. Patrick's Day and so I woke up to see a crowd of people all walking down the road, so I followed them -- to church, where I bought some Shamrocks and then went to see the St. Patrick's Day parade.  My favorite float was the Guinness float, all done in black, with men dressed in black wearing black glasses sitting at a table, drinking Guinness beer.  The crowd cheered!

Dublin has a lot of poverty, too, and I saw little children begging for money and little boys smoking on the street, looking like wary old men.  Then there was the amazing Book of Kells at Trinity College, going back to the days when people actually wrote on paper, or perhaps parchment, a lost art.

Well, I digress, but today of course I attended ballet class and of course went to the gym and I will do the same tomorrow, because I feel that discipline of the body is important to discipline of the spirit.  Meanwhile, my puppy played a lot all day again, because it is important to have a childhood, which these Irish children have missed...

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