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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday, really Tuesday, thinking of dad, Yasir is growing up...

My dad was a dinosaur -- they don't come like this anymore.  He was a man of the earth with no pretenses and had the guts to stick to his beliefs, something very hard to do.  He lived a long life, until 91, but you wish people like this would never die and now that he is gone I can only wish I had appreciated him more.

Yasir is continuing to be a good puppy, after a few bouts with insanity and generally being hyper, but he is a puppy and I will probably miss his puppy ways later, too.  As for me, my dance teacher caught me in the hallway as I was leaving and said "you did good today, much straighter."  Well, what can I say... :)

So to continue with Tuesday, I woke up early, took out the dog, and went to ballet class, where a lot of dancers were "auditioning" to be in this teacher's company.  Like last week, it was nice to be around such good dancers.  People who work hard always inspire me.  Hard work doesn't have to be a chore; in fact, sometimes it makes things more enjoyable, once you get over the initial resistance you may inwardly feel.

Then I got home and took Yasir for a good play in the park.  I let him run around and chase one of his dog toys and he was really good at retrieving, so he learned something, too, while he was having fun.  Just like ballet class!  He really is great outside, where he can channel his energy.  When he is home, he is restless and doesn't really like to sit around.  It seems he constantly has to have something to do and it is now my challenge to be assertive and control him, because discipline is just as necessary as playing and working hard, as I know...

So then I went to the gym and yoga, followed by romping around underwater briefly because I wanted to get to Pilates class.  I appreciate the structure of these two disciplines and my body always feels better -- I notice the difference without yoga and Pilates -- I just don't feel as strong.

Now I am home and will sleep late for a change, except for taking out puppy, but I enjoy getting up at sunrise and feeling the morning air.  My grandmother got up every day like this to feed the animals on her farm and there is something really nice about going out and being with nature.  It clears the mind and puts life in perspective, kind of like yoga or dance or Pilates or anything that makes you realize that life is more important than your immediate problems...

Workout Highlights:
1. You get a gold star, Dorothy...good barre...
2. Tendus with passe releve, pirouettes.
3. Walk like you normally do, don't drag your feet, really step forward, don't linger back.  Step into the movement...
4. Jumps require precision, I think...
5. Grand jete -- jump high!
6. I breathe so naturally in the water now...
7. Yoga -- relax, sit up straight, think about being square in the hips, sink down into your weight.
8. Pilates -- Keep shoulders back, keep neck and everything, really, neutral.  Side planks...hold.  Squeeze your butt
9. Really spot harder when turning, get the head around faster.
10.  Use your back, extend the movements.
11. Go through first position, waltz in line, step releve ecarte developpe, pas de bourre, pas de chat, land on knee.
12. Tendu croise with arms, epaule, reverse derrierre, do away from mirror.  Tendu tendu, coupe, epaule, efface, turn tendus over; reverse.

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