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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday at Ballet School

"I don't know why you don't want to go forward more," my teacher said after class.  She has been trying to correct my pirouette preparations.  I instinctively go forward on my right side but I just don't plie enough on my stiffer left side.  It was good that she is correcting me and placing me so that I can feel the correct stance.  As my other teacher said, pretend your bad side is the same, and as my yoga teacher said, there is nothing like an adjustment.  So, it is all gelling together.

It was a good class, especially at the end, where we quickly marked the grand allegro, the teacher saying, we can't always take our time.  It was temps leve arabesque balance 2x, releve arabesque, developpe efface, chasse pas de bourre grand jete (straight leg), step step pique arabesque tour jete, flip over, chasse pas de bourre grand jete with 3rd position arms.  The jumps were 1st 5th 2x, then jumps seconde releve, then glissade jete, glissade jete, ballonne pas de bourre, glissade assemble, then with beats.  The adagio was to Bayadere music: chasse forward reverse 5th position arms, chasse ecarte, elonge arms, chasse back, small bow; developpe ecarte to arabesque, plie pas de bourre, attitude turn, faille, step, temps leve.  We also did a variation where we stepped to the side with romantic 3rd position arms, to sou sou, developpe croise, to seconde, to 4th arabesque step, circle leg back, tendu croise, arms 3rd, deep back bend.

While we were practicing pirouettes, the teacher came up to me and tried to adjust me as I was moving and I brushed her head accidentally!  After class, I remarked that her husband was always telling me to get out of the way while dancing -- I'm so clumsy sometimes, at least I can be courteous.  I really think I need to learn better etiquette, but it's because I am such a tomboy and go to the gym and used to go fishing and climbing trees and never was very feminine growing up.  Oh, dear, and now I want to be a ballerina -- well, at least the teacher is a good sport and didn't smack me back.  I felt so bad about it, though.  She is a tough teacher, but dedicated and patient.  Now I am watching the advanced class in adagio as I wait for pointe class and try to be graceful once again, before hitting the gym for my swim...

At the pool I compared notes with a triathlete.  She said she sees me a lot at the pool and asked about my routine.  I told her I try to swim regularly because it is easier that way to build strength.  Today I felt really solid in the water, swimming laps with a newfound consistency and power.  I really think that the Pilates and yoga are saving me and I hope to continue this, although my gym membership may have to change.  It will be worth it because, like swimming, consistency in these disciplines is important, too.

Now I'm watching women's figure skating championships on TV -- such strong women!

Pointe was fun and my feet are okay.  I use plastic bags now...

1. No shoes, rise in 1st position and stand on tips of toes, pushing the barre with elbows.  Alternate feet, pointing each foot.  Walk through feet.
2. With shoes on, plie and releve in parallel, then in 1st position; then step away from barre and step into barre; then same in sou-sou.
3. Standing in 2nd position, arch foot and lean over foot, bending knee; go through feet in plie.
4. Echappes from 1st; sou sous; sou sous and echappes.
5. Plie passe, balance.
6. Bourres at barre.
7. Pas de bourres; reverse pas de bourres; lateral pas de bourres.
8. Pique fouettes.
9. Pique arabesque to barre, plie and raise working leg -- teacher comes and stretches everybody.
10. Releve in 1st, turn in, turn out -- teacher adjusts turnout in everybody, pulling thighs out.
11. Center - temp leves along barre, rolling through feet after working leg reaches cou de pied.
12. Piques along the barre; pique developpes along barre.
13. Arabesques along barre.
14.  Cool down; take off shoes and plie releve in parallel; go to barre and plie releve on one leg alternating, stretch calves.

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