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Friday, January 28, 2011

Fitness Friday

You probably know by now that I would rather work out than work, but come next month, a few days away, work I must.  I envy people who have jobs doing what they love, but they, too, had to work at some point to get there...

I love Pilates more and more, went to class today with my favorite teacher, the one who told me I have weak hamstrings, weak glutes, weak abs, what's left?  But I appreciate her honesty.  Today I could not do planks from a prone position to save my life, so I concentrated instead of just pulling my core together.  Anyone can just get up in bits and pieces but that requires no effort or strength.

We did a lot of nice, different side leg work today:  lie on side with knees bent at right angles to body, do clams -- keeping feet together, lift knee up and down, then pulse up, up, up.  Then, lift both legs off the floor, still with knees bent sideways, and do the same -- harder!  Bring legs down, knees still bent, lift knee up, then dip down to touch other knee, like reverse turnout...

Speaking of turnout, I hit the pool right after.  I thought I was hungry after Pilates but after I drank water out of my birthday water bottle present, I felt okay.  I started with walks back and forth on tip-toe (demi-point) and then did the same sideways, and then the same in a kind of jog.  Then I did parallel developpes, trying to feel the crease in my hip socket to strengthen my psoas.  Then I did passes underwater and these are great because you can't cheat and lift your hips when the water is holding them down.  Then I floated on my back, supported by a noodle, then on my stomach, doing flutter kicks.  Then I swam 3 laps and I'm done.  Time for that lunch!

After a steak sandwich with spinach and guacomole, I walked downtown (about 2 miles) to a free ballet class at Joffrey Academy (1st Fridays are free).  I wanted to go to the earlier beginner class, too, but when I got there, taking my time walking past all the stores on Michigan Avenue, including one place that advertised fur coats on sale for 75% off and past the Chanel Boutique (I love the sleek lines, and to think Chanel's mother was homeless, according to a biography I read), the beginner class was packed like sardines.

So there I was in the advanced class with the Joffrey Academy cream of the crop.  The teacher was very nice, a really good dancer himself, and he proceeded with his confusing class.  It makes you think, because his combinations are so off the wall and he just indicates the movements and there we go...demi, demi, grand plie, port de bras forward, grand plie.  Tendu front, plie, side, plie, port de bras side; tendu back, plie, etc., tendu side 1st 5th, 5th 1st, 5th 3x, releve balance.  Fondu side, fondu front, developpe front, developpe seconde; repeat reverse.  Frappes front, side, back, double side, front front, 3x side.  Ronde jambes with degage around, attitude swings.  Grand battement front, side, back, balancoire, side, side.  Oh, yes, ronde jambes en l'air with pas de bourre to 4th position, releve, pirouettes, rotation pas de bourre to other side.

Then was center after we did our own stretch:  tendu croise, plie, tendu side, plie, tendu back, arabesque pas de bourre, pirouettes.  Tendu croise front plie, side plie, swing leg to efface, pas de bourre, pirouettes en dedans.  Adagio:  grand plie to pirouette, rotation, pirouette to plie efface, pique arabesque, chasse tour jete, rotation, pique turns, inside pique turn.  Then balance, balance, releve developpe ecarte, fondu plie, turn, balane front, side, waltz in line, chasse pas de bourre pirouettes.  Jumps were 3x 1st position, 3x seconde, 1st 1st 5th, 1st, 1st second.  Then changements with echappes, glissade assemble assemble, glissade jete, jete, glissade brises.  The combinations are tricky in that they are kind of syncopated movements, not the 4 square type of things I'm used to...

Then it was freestyle, different students trying out steps they wanted to refine or master, and then the walk home, stopping to get some bananas and cereal for breakfast tomorrow to prepare for more ballet and my Saturday pointe class.  I had wanted to go to the gym and yoga class with my sister but somehow the Saturday class with my friend Noah was discontinued.  I though, ha, ha, my sister would really get it with him, but it will have to wait...she keeps saying she wants to try yoga...I want her to take ballet class, too!

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