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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Survival of the fittest, and who is the prettiest at the gym.  Just finished Pilates and my swim, sharing a lane with an 82-year-old woman!  Pilates weight series breakdown:

1.  Sit on Swiss ball, holding weights in hands, lift arms straight up, so you are in balled 2nd position.  Hold.
2.  Hold weights at sides with elbows bent, lift arms at right angles up to shoulders and down to sides.  Hold at top and pulse.
3.  Hold arms at sides, elbows bent, lift arms up and down, making W shapes.
4.  Hold arms at right angles and squeeze elbows together.
5.  Incline slightly with straight back, bend and straight arms behind you.  Change wrist positions and pulse; with straight arms, try to bring hands together behind you.
6.  Kneeling, walk over the ball until you reach plank position, bend knees so you are moving the ball, then do the same with straight legs.  Then do pushups.

There is so much rivalry in our species, I find.  I personally am happy when I see someone achieve something, not jealous, because it means we have all gone one step further.  People will always try to tear you down, psychologically and physically and those who set tracks away from the norm will always be criticized.  I say, do what you feel because, as Mother Theresa said, it's between you and God, not between you and the other person...

My ballet class was cancelled!  So, I just walked around the 'hood and walked 2 miles home, stopping at various places, a boutique, a running store, the gym, and the grocer.  I had an interesting conversation with the boutique owner about shopping and style.  She could relate to my finances and said that she always plans her wardrobe and does not shop impulsively like many do.  I realized how everybody is pressured in our society to buy and we actually feel bad when we don't or can't buy something.  It makes us feel inferior somehow...

I stopped at a dog school on the way home where I trained my last dog and said hi to my dog's trainer and watched the intermediate agility class.  It was so nice to see a huge German Shepherd sitting peacefully on the floor, biscuit placed on paw by owner but not touching it until the owner said okay.  The dog just looked into his mistress' eyes and seemed to smile.  Clever, good dog.

Walking around, I realized how much fun it is just to do ordinary things and be a part of my community. No pretenses, just being myself.  The night air was crisp as I headed home alone, just me and the deep blue sky, powered by electrolyte candy from the running store...

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