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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pensive Sunday

I am not the cheerleader type -- the teacher in this morning's ballet class kept prodding me when I got confused with the ballet step patterns.  "I'm sleeping," I told him.  He used to be in the late Larry Long's class years ago with me when he used to dance and now he is teaching.  Trouble is, I like to play the role of the brooding romantic heroine and don't like to be perky and girly, as you know if you have been reading this blog.  After class, I talked to the pianist about quick study movements and other things...

It was the same class as before, with the same confusing combinations and everybody struggled to remember the "patterns," as the pianist referred to learning musical phrases and how it's easy for children because their brain synapses are more active, and that is why, for example, European children can learn several languages, whereas adults struggle to learn new things.  I remarked that it is true that senior citizens get muddled in the mind but studies have shown that learning to dance stimulates the brain.

Another lovely woman who was immaculately groomed for class, makeup and all, said she really enjoyed the class, and it was a beautiful class and I really tried to open up physically to be more expressive.  After yesterday's prodding and trying to be over my leg and after learning about the "crease", I looked almost nice in class, breezing through the movements since I have been keeping myself in top shape, swimming and exercising at the gym.  I looked at my legs in the mirror and thought, no more cellulite around the thighs, ha, ha!  It's a lot of work, but being strong pays off, as I could see from watching the women ice skaters on television yesterday.

I could have been more pulled up and used my muscles more, but in terms of alignment, I looked like a 14-year old young girl.  Everything was placed, now to look more "perky."  The only bad time was the fouette turns at the end when, to the left, my left arms dangled.  Yesterday, the teacher tried to fix this as I practiced pirouettes, almost getting smacked in the process.  Yes, if things are not done right, it can indeed be dangerous.  I said to the pianist after class that to get better you have to take risks, though, and he commented on how his best performances were when he had a positive attitude.  He also remarked that sometimes things can not be as perfect as you would like but you have to at some point get through the whole process, because, for instance, in a performance, you must keep going...

Now I feel empty and drained somehow, since I gave so much in class, so I have gone to the Art Institute, where I am typing this, surrounded for a while by the works of great artists would gave their all and it's comforting to me to be in such a creative place.  I thought the admission would be free today but that is only the deal on January weekdays, extended through February 4.  I must make it a point to return here...

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