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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday chill

So cold outside today.  Coming home from ballet class I had to duck inside a hospital building to stay warm while waiting for a bus to go home.  Then I went home, dressed warmer, and took out puppy.  We walked through the park and headed to the aquarium shop in Old Town, then we saw an artist putting up a new sculpture in Old Town, made of chain links welded together in the shape of a human.  It is called Boundless, the artist said.  Trailing off the hands of the "human" were some more chains.  I commented, that's how I feel when I walk my puppy, because he always pulls me.  Still, I have to remember that he is very young and not to be too upset when he wants to play.

Then I went to the gym for Pilates and a swim.  Now I feel great, not exhausted at all.  The more I work out, the more energy I have.  The Pilates class was hard but really great and although I did not want to swim in the cold weather, I made myself do it.  Sometimes you have to make yourself do it, my pointe teacher always says.

I am not writing much detail but I will return and write down what I remember from my latest workouts. Sometimes when you have fun like this, you don't want to think about mental things, like writing.  You just want to feel good and keep going...

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