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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Up late again.  So much activity during the day that I don't get around to being on the computer until late at night.  Puppy keeps me busy, to be sure and I feel like a mom, but it is so rewarding to have a dog friend.  He had such a good time at the beach today and loves to be outside, which I love, too.

But I did manage to get to ballet class in the afternoon and I ran into an old dance friend who is now professional and I asked her a few questions after class about detail in class, to which she replied that as a professional, the choreographers are looking for detail, how you move your fingers, because that is how you get picked for a part.  Very important.

The teacher said near the end of class to her young students, look at this professional because this is the way you should dance.  True.  It's the way I learn the best.  She remarked to the teacher after class that she was just as naughty as a student but then she changed and she remembered all the things the teachers were trying to tell her.  This is why in class you really need to try and listen and do and pay attention to every detail.

A student didn't get a jump combination and the teacher said, you have to be a quick study.  This is how it is, learn the combination and do it.  It's a hard life but it is the only way you will learn.  This is the discipline of dance.

After class I went to the gym and took Pilates and yoga class.  My stamina is improving.  The classes like this at the gym are a joy, and yoga was fun tonight.  I said to the teacher that I used to think that I couldn't do the poses but now I have changed my attitude, mentioning what a dance teacher told me about your mind telling you that you can't do it.  Not that you should jump off a building, I said to another girl, but there are lots of things that are possible if you give yourself a chance...

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