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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Dancing today was fun with all the young dancers going to this class with a most creative teacher whose company will perform this weekend.  After my revelations from yoga class, I was in good spirits and kind of reached a dance nirvana where I ceased to exist and became a dancer...

After the usual barre, which always has a lot of stretching and also room for becoming creative with the movements, something I always appreciate about this class, we started center and the class seemed to flow and ended too soon.

Then I went home to puppy and we had a nice walk in the park, where we romped around and encountered some other dogs.  Yasir was in good spirits as he ran after a tennis ball I tossed at him and he had a good workout.  Then I went home and got ready to go to the gym, to yoga.  However, the class was an hour later than I expected, so I swam and got done with my laps just in time for power yoga.

I did not expect power yoga, but the regular class was changed, and so we did a lot of planks and core work, which I appreciated, since I didn't have a Pilates class today.  It was your basic yoga class, but a little more extreme, and I even tried breathing deeply, something that was easy after coming from the pool.  Afterward I discussed hip flexors again and the teacher said she noticed my hips were crooked as I was doing the splits and she said that now that she sees my problem, she will work with me to get a better alignment, which is achieved by bringing the navel to the spine, really holding the abs, and tucking the tailbone under.  Also, broaden the shoulders, too.

I met my Japanese friend in class, who happened to be in Tokyo during the tsunami and she said she was walking her baby in the stroller when it happened and everyone ran out of the buildings, which were all shaking.  It must have been the worst experience to see her country suffer, I thought.

I haven't been too descriptive about my dance steps lately, but I will post some soon so that I can get an exercise in memory and describing what I have been doing, but I have just been enjoying it all so much and not being so analytical lately, which is maybe a good thing, too.

P.S.  Maybe another good thing, my blog will no longer post because it has been reported as spam, so I am signing off for now.  It was a good run, so I guess I will continue with my notes and maybe write a book instead...  Since it was my first blog, I have learned a lot and hope to continue writing!

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