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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quiet Wednesday

It was a chilly raw kind of day and once again I felt like I was living in the countryside in Europe somewhere.  I had mislaid my cell phone yesterday and so Yasir and I went to retrace my steps and ended up in the health club.  I walked in with my puppy and the manager had my phone in an envelope.  He was very interested in my puppy, as was everyone else.  Yasir was very calm and relaxed -- I think he liked the atmosphere in the club, with everyone working out.  A bootcamp instructor saw him and said, hi, buddy.  He just fit right in.

So then we went home and I started to do my taxes on the computer, among other things.  Necessary evils that get in the way of enjoying life.  I was never very good at practical things, although I know that being tidy about oneself promotes better leisure/fun time.  Eventually I got to afternoon ballet and struggled to be like the young girls, who were learning technique.  Pure technique is hard, I thought.  It's more fun to go to a class where you just move around and have fun, but I am drawn to technical challenges in my dancing.  This teacher insists on good execution and I found myself getting more tired trying to execute the proper movements than in other classes.  I was sweating even trying to stand up correctly.  The teacher corrected a girl who stuck out in plie before pirouette, telling her she would never look right this way and said that I was getting better with my stance.  Crooked posture will never get you good turnout either, I thought.  I am learning...

Then I went to Pilates class at the gym and found that I did better strengthwise than my last attempt at Pilates directly after ballet class.  Again, I tried to execute the movements correctly and this is always harder than just doing things any old way, and so much better for your figure, too.  Look out summer, if I can just resist the urge to nibble sweets!

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