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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday, really Saturday and I'm feeling better

People are people.  I have to be more in control, as with puppy, too.  I am just too soft and being soft these days will not get you very far.  So, I went to advanced ballet in the morning at my neighborhood school and consequently had a great time.  Better not to be negative, it doesn't suit me, I thought.  So, class was great and I stayed afterward to watch the teacher and a dancer coaching some young students who will be performing a pas de deux.  The young girl kept going too far away from her partner and the experienced dancer said, just look him in the eye and walk right toward him.  Funny, I thought, that is what I'm trying to achieve, being more direct...

Then I took puppy to the vet and when we got home he fell asleep and so I took off for a swim at the gym, which was great because I had the whole pool to myself.  Then I went out and everyone was out on a Friday night, but I was happy to just be relaxing at the gym, working on myself...

Now it is already Saturday and I can't sleep because I am wound up from working out.  That's okay, I don't really sleep anyway.  Later will be puppy school, my puppy's graduation.  And then will come more lessons and obedience school.  I tried to coach him on walking on the leash a little and got frustrated when he wouldn't behave, but I have to realize he is a puppy.  I am always too hard on myself and need to ease off, I thought.  Being a perfectionist, you would think I would have everything under control, but it is still in my mind and not in my actions.

The teacher in ballet school said ballet is movement, a plie is a verb, a movement.  Life is a movement, not just thinking about doing something.  More conviction, more direct, that will be me, I hope...

Ballet class:
The teacher kept refining the combinations after we did them once to bring out things such as syncopation and not just having everything the same, moving the arms which means moving the back.  Use the torso, use the head.  We did adagio with pirouettes and lots of jumps leading into grand allegro with grand jetes.

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