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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday with puppy

My new puppy kept me busy all day and I had to spend some quality time with him, especially to try to crate train him.  He balked the first time and started crying, so I went to his "cage" and just looked at him and when he was quiet I gave him a treat.  Now I have left him alone again as I write this and I am curious as to whether he is crying now, but he has to learn how to be alone.  It is hard, because he is young and in a new place, away from his family.

So, we walked to the pet store and I bought him a hoodie for the cold March days again, a little big, but he will grow out of it in no time.  Currently, my kitten is bigger than he is, but not for long.  The next step is potty training.  After all that walking to the pet store, you would think he would do his business, but he waited until we got home!  So, I lit some incense and mopped up the floor, spraying pet neutralizer everywhere.  I worry more about his whining, though, because eventually I know he will get better bladder control.

He had an encounter with a mean terrier who tried to snap at him and that set him crying in piercing screams!  He gets along well with my kitten, though, and he did cross paths with some other dogs, too, and lots of people of course wanted to meet him.  It was a long day for me, too, but I love going to the airport and seeing all the other travelers from distant places.  I shared an airport bus with a German man and we talked about Europe and the country versus the city life.  I also saw a young man boarding his Golden Retriever -- they were both headed to Oregon.  He hugged his dog before he left and the dog was sitting in a large crate ready to go just as my puppy arrived, looking small and lost...

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