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Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Friday and all is well...

So today I took puppy to the park, where he encountered some other dogs.  I am really surprised at how fast he is learning to take control of himself.  He was bouncing around and generally enjoying himself.  I worry about him with Tiger now, though, because he is getting more aggressive and he has been tackling Tiger's neck like a little wolf.  I will have to watch to see if they can truly get along...

Then I went to the gym to Pilates and did everything except the planks and push-ups, but I can only keep trying.  My back muscles are getting stronger, though, from the stomach series where you lift your chest and hover over the floor.  I don't have much trouble with the leg exercises, just the areas around my obliques and my lower back.  Also, my arms still need to be stronger but they are much better.  It is all the little things, like how to hold your head, the angle of your shoulders, correct posture, that are the hardest.

It is nice that there is an apartment building with a large front lawn across the street.  I always let Apollo walk around off leash because he is too small to get very far and I can still catch up with him, for the time being.  I will have to take him around and let him be free now while he is still small and I enjoy spending time just being with him.  Dogs have a way of making you relax and I feel much calmer than usual these days.

I just sat around with my pets in the afternoon and then I went to Joffrey Academy for the advanced class with Guillermo, always fun, although I think his barre combinations are confusing:  balancoire, passe developpe inside leg, passe outside leg to fondu ronde jambe, developpe efface, developpe croise derrierre; or tendus front side side front, 5th, 5th, pas de cheval en croix, etc.  I asked a girl afterwards who is attending graduate school who aced everything in class what she thinks about when she is learning combinations and she said to think more of phrases and transitions and not individual steps and movements.  She also said she listens to the rhythm of how the teacher recites the combinations for some sense of flow.  Interesting...

1. Plies with port de bras.
2. Tendu front, plie, tendu side, plie, tendu back to 4th, plie and straighten legs, 2x tendu back; reverse.
3. Degages 3x front, 3x back, 1st, 5th 5th, 5th 1st, passe balance.
4. Passe fondu extend, repeat back, developpe side, tombe away from barre with 2nd position port de bras.
5. Frappes en croix single and double, beats, let go of barre and balance.
6. Developpe front, plie pique arabesque; reverse, ronde jambes en l'air, chasse forward to pirouette, chasse pas de bourre back to barre.
7. Grand battements front, back, side, side, 3x front, 3x back, side, side.
1. Tendu croise devant, demi-plie, repeat en croix, detourne, pas de basque, pirouettes; repeat other side.
2. Grand plie, pirouette to developpe efface, pique arabesque, grande fouette, chasse pas de bourre pirouettes.
3. Chasse pas de bourre pirouette 2x, soutenu, pique turns, soutenu, pique turn en dehors.
4. Jumps 3x 1st, 3x seconde, changements.
5. Assemble, assemble, glissade jete temps leve, jete, glissade assemble assemble, glissade jete coupe jete en tournant, chasse assemble, 2x changement.
6. Temps leve arabesque, step passe, coupe, jete en tournant, chasse pas de bourre grand jete, coupe renverse pas de bourre, pirouettes en dedans, soutenu, pirouettes en dehors.
7. Reverence, port de bras, step courtsey, hand to heart, extend, hand to head, extend, mime with arms.

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