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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Reflections

Good weather still but the days are dark now.  Went to advanced morning class, not my speed, but it's great to see the other dancers rehearsing for Nutcracker.  After a tricky class, I watched one of my teachers from the past dancing the Snow pas de deux with another familiar face from class.  She was wearing the traditional blue tutu and looked so pretty, her face all smiles.  The man moved elegantly, lifting her effortlessly.

Well, back to class. The cold weather is making me stiff and so my extensions were not so great today.  I stood by the mirror, something I don't like to do but it was good to watch my posture and see how my back was really not straight enough.  After barre, the center was more fun.  There was one combination I particularly liked:  balance, balance, waltz in line, developpe croise, 2 pique turns, sountenu, chainnes, releve attitude jete, temps leve.  Something like that, anyway.  Standing behind another dancer friend, I was able to flow more easily.

I did not feel like jumping today, either:  1st, 5th, 1st, 5th, sissonne simple, assemble, quatres, echappes...well, I think I have come to a turning point.  I need to get straighter and more to the point with my dancing.  So, after class, I went to a dance shop and bought a theraband and a small ball and watched all the people shopping in the city, inspired by the other dancers and seeing them rehearse, thinking that if I truly love dancing, I will have to improve a little bit.  Today, though, my pirouettes, which were somewhere in these combinations with all the endless steps, looked better.  I think I surprised them!

Later I barely made it to a performance at Cafe Rumba by Elements Contemporary Ballet.  I have taken class with Mike, artistic director (!) for years and I'm so proud of him and his company.  I couldn't miss this performance.  Also, it was a treat for me to go to a club, since I never get to go out and dress up.  It's awkward going alone, but at least my friends were there.  It was so nice chatting with everyone -- I met one of the dancer's mother and got to eat some amazing Latin food.  Then, powered by Sangria, I walked home.  It's always good to see performances, a former teacher told us in class, because that's what it's all about.

I watched from the side and saw how each dancer seemed to look directly at the audience while dancing.  They were showing the dance, something I can't do in class.  I learn in class, but on the stage is where the real dancing is.  This dimension is necessary to better dancing and inspires me to be less introspective and more giving in class.

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