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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday at Ballet School

So I went to the ballet school in my neighborhood, to the intermediate class.  The teacher is strict and corrected me when I sat in my plie, didn't go forward in pirouettes (it's the hips, not the torso), and to straighten my legs.  The class was fun, except for jumps and not pointing my feet while jumping, but I am hoping that theraband exercises will correct this.  Later, while stretching, I watched a dancer in the advanced class who pointed her feet so beautifully.  It seemed that her toes were really touching down in the ground, whereas mine are always at a bias.

After a good technical barre, we proceeded to do tendus and pirouettes in center. Stand croise, tendu en croix, then double time, tendus to the side, coupe pas de bourre, pirouettes.  Pretty straightforward.  All throughout class I really concentrated on using my arm muscles to better support me.  It also feels better when I dance this way.  I think that anytime correct technique is used, it feels better in the body, less effort somehow, except it is hard to achieve this correctness.

Actually, before this, we did a short adagio:  chasse ecarte with arm elonge, chasse forward to 4th, cambre forward and back, stand, present attitude, promenade, straighten leg to arabesque, developpe efface, rise, tombe pas de bourre, pirouettes.  Then we did the same pirouettes with working leg behind the knee, and after turning, extend leg to arabesque.

Then came jumps:  changements with echappes, pas de bourre, pique sou sou.  Then, glissade jete to both sides, ballonne pas de bourre glissade pas de chat glissade assemble -- then the same with beats.  Last was grand allegro: balance balance pas de basque balance forward, coupe releve arabesques, coupe saute arabesque, releve developpe ecarte back, chainnes, glissade grand jete.

I wish I could have gone to pointe class, like I like to do on Saturday, but I am home showing my apartment now.  Later, I think I will go to the gym and relax and swim.  Might as well, because my part-time retail job will keep me busy over the holiday, I'm sure.  I wish there was a way I could work in the fitness area.  I have applied numerous times to work at my gym and some people who know me even think I could teach ballet, although I don't have any credentials, except that I am so interested in fitness and have learned a lot over the many years I have been a student.  Maybe someone will give me a chance.  A dancer friend told me I am like a treasure that you don't see at first.

All in all, a great day!  My friend went to New York but his last words to me were "keep dancing!"

Since the Michigan Avenue lighting ceremony and parade was taking place, I could not take the bus to the gym further north.  Instead, I decided to visit the Gold Coast, "city" gym, which is also being renovated.  The locker room looks really nice, with new showers and decorated tiles by the whirlpool.  However, the sauna is still as cold as ever.  So I went for a swim like a good girl, finished my laps, and now I'm visiting my favorite bookstore on Rush Street for a while.

The bookstore I frequent on Michigan Avenue is being replaced by a store, The Top Shop.  I guess the average person would rather shop than read books.  Well, it's nice to view the action on Rush Street from the bookstore anyway, with all the couples dressed up and going out to the bars.  But I am having my coffee and reading my magazines before I retire and get my sleep for the night.

After all, I'm in training!  Happy Saturday!

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