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Monday, February 14, 2011

St. Valentine

Sometimes I think we get so wrapped up in the business of the day that we forget the important things in life, like love, so today I will remember all those who loved me, my parents, my friends, my pets, because love is the most important thing in the world.  Without love we cannot grow and life has no meaning.  I hope everyone is having a beautiful day surrounded by those they love and I hope everyone appreciates the love they have received.

Happy Valentine's Day...

Well, of course I did work out, Pilates in the morning with new crab exercises -- on side with knees bent, lift feet only off the floor and do crabs -- move upper knee in and out, then touch knees together with feet apart, then touch toes with knees apart.  My planks and pushups are getting a little better.

Then my swim and then late ballet class downtown with a New York dancer who does releves in parallel facing the barre and talks a lot about letting the body be comfortable in ballet positions and feeling the movements through the body.  We did a nice adagio in center -- developpe croise front, croise back, croise seconde, then pas de basque with same arm as leg, using sweeping arms and elonge.  The grand allegro was much the same -- waltz in line with pique arabesque faille through.  We did pirouettes followed by grand jetes, tour jetes, and for jumps, we did glissades with ballonnes and echappes.  A well-rounded class...

I walked home looking at the Michigan Avenue hearts exhibit once again.  It was developed by Northwestern Hospital to create awareness of heart health and it was fitting that it remains for Valentine's Day.  I saw an occasional couple walking around but there was not much action, which surprised me, but then, love is a rare bird and I'm just a hopeless romantic.  In the works of Plato there is a passage about love being equal to intellect in that love will lead you to knowledge just as much as thinking will and I still think that love is the better way...

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