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Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday - not fade away...

The Pilates teacher gave me a what gives after the noon class. I could not do anything to save my life, after lifting things in storage yesterday and all morning. She said, if you want to modify the class for yourself, do it alone, please and of course she is right. The purpose of class is to discipline yourself and do what you are told, not what feels good. She also said that some things that feel good are not always the best things for your body, and we all know this is true. However, my condition today made me realize that it is also not the best thing for your body to do everything to the extreme unless, of course, you are in such fantastic shape that there can only be one way for you to go, which is forward to the next level.  Otherwise, less is more...

We did not do any leg lifts but just simple roll ups and lots of back arches from lying down on the stomach. Since my back was so sore, I could see that the reason I have trouble with these is not my muscular strength, but simply the articulation of the backbone. Of course I want to have that beautiful ballerina arch but I am not young, either. That is not to say I can't improve, and I'm sure I'm in better shape than other people my age, but it requires the detailed kind of work, not a quick fix. So, lesson learned.

I did not swim today because I was so drained, so I just stayed after class and stretched in the solitude of the empty room.  It will be hard to move and I will be sad to leave my cozy apartment but I have overstayed my visit here and it is time to move on...Being alone always helps me think...I was never the social butterfly, which is why I am going to the ballet alone tonight again, which is sad when I see all the couples there, but everybody has their day. But, before I go to the ballet, I want to dance more and more these days...and so off to class!

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