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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Eve

Sissonne attitude, assemble back, assemble front, sissonne developpe seconde, assemble, emboites, temps leve arabesque faille assemble. I had to ask the teacher about the first sissonne because my legs were not looking like the other ones in class...
Pirouette from 5th position to 4th position, pirouette(s), pique 4th arabesque, promenade en dehors with arms elonge, pas de bourre en tournant, pique 1st arabesque, plie pas de bourre, pose...some more moves we did were developpe a la seconde, plie pas de bourre pirouettes en dedans. With such sweeping movements in class, it is hard to remember the combination exactly...but the teacher said to extend the lines and move.
After class a girl practiced her variations and I watched while I stretched. The teacher told the girl to eat her dinner because her body needed the food to recover, and then she did some impossible extensions, such as bending her chest so her back was up over her body while lying on her stomach. What a back arch, I thought...this would really impress my Pilates teacher!
I wore my new while leotard to class and felt like the White Swan. The barre was very soothing, with tendus and leg extensions and beats around the ankle, with passe attitude balances thrown in. I watched the teacher do the movements and noticed how much better they looked when he did them. Real dancers always have a way of moving and savoring these standard ballet positions so that they look really special.
I didn't go to any gym classes today because of a dental appointment, which I stoically got through with no shots! I remembered to take gentle breaths, as the dentist said so as not to fog up his mirror, and this helped me relax through the drilling. Then I went swimming, went home, got on the bus, went to class, got home, and will probably do the same thing tomorrow, or for as long as I can, because, despite not being able to do decent turns and, yes, falling today out of a pirouette, I love to dance.

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