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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saturday and it doesn't look like January

Champagne always makes me sleep forever but I finally woke up and am headed out to the gym for a swim.  The sun is shining but it got cold, not like yesterday, which was a beautiful night for celebrating.  It's Saturday and then there is Sunday and it is such a nice, relaxing weekend!  I hope everybody is happy and healthy today...

The gym was more lively today and I had a good swim, although I weaved around in the lane and my breathing was not as deep.  After a ballet class, I do much better.  There is nothing like ballet for a good workout.  That is why it is so popular with adults.  Whether you dance well or not, just the act of taking class will help your joints, posture, and especially your endurance, I am learning.  It's a shame that in our world, only the successful and beautiful are respected and others who try and are not so gifted are laughed at and not accepted.

Well, something made me turn around in the cold night air and head to church for the Saturday evening mass.  It was an impulse I could not ignore -- I was drawn to go.  When I got there, I realized it was the Mass of Epiphany and the scripture readings included the story of the Magi, my favorite.  When they saw the star, they followed it to find baby Jesus.  The priest, in his homily, said that there is a place inside of us that is like the manger, a place of poverty, where we hold our deepest wishes.  Seeing the Baby Jesus represents love and a world of no cares, said the priest.  It is what draws us there, our deepest wish, to be loved, to love, to have faith.  When you go to the manger, you find Jesus; when you look inside yourself to your manger, so you will find your faith to make your inner desires come true.

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