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Friday, January 7, 2011

Not Really Thursday anymore, but...

Well, it has been a long day with business, but I did go to yoga class in the morning and Noah taught a very smooth class, going through all the basic transitions, saying that with time all movements will get smoother. He invited everyone to a traditional class this Saturday where all the postures are explained, something that no one does anymore. You know I'll be there!
I was next to a wrestler and Noah commented that wrestlers are really good at yoga and the young man said that wrestling is all about the hips and I whispered to him, maybe I should try it to improve my hip flexion. I also asked Noah about this after class. He says I'm stretchy, but I asked how to improve my flexion and he told me I need to work on strength...
So then I worked on the computer for a while and the swim instructor walked by and then finally I took my swim. It was very relaxing and I really got a good workout. Then I started the rush hour journey to dance class, talking non-stop on my cell phone about business matters and it helped pass the time and also helped me distance myself from the others on the crowded bus.
So I arrived later than I wanted to class but got to a barre at the wall and started stretching, doing some yoga stretches. I remembered the one where you bend forward and place the palm of one hand outward and grasp this hand with your other hand, over both feet. I can really feel this in the hamstring. Everyone else was stretching, too, as this was the advanced class and this was the best of the best. There was only one man in class and the rest were all young girls. I remembered what the dental assistant said about age not mattering...
I was so tired I didn't really care and consequently had a good class, until the fast jumps at the end, where I lost it. What was the combination? Sissonne, sissonne (which way were these going?), emboites, chainnes to inside pique turn 2x, assemble, quatre. I just could not keep up the fast tempo and everyone else got it but me. I was marking it initially and then I saw that there was only one group and this threw me off, but I should have been able to pick up -- this is advanced class, after all...well, the teacher didn't mind at the end and smiled at me. I guess I try.
Some other parts of the class went really well. I was able to turn much better after all my Pilates classes. The teacher said to hold the core and just float the turns...he commented to one very good student that her turns were too soft. Just go around, he said. The turn combination were all very floaty and adagio-like. There was releve arabesque 2x to pirouettes; detourne to renverse; arabesque turns 3x to pirouettes and attitude turn. Also chasse pas de bourre pirouette, chasse forward to pirouette(s); and adagio with grand plie, developpe a la seconde to arabesque promenade, lunge forward to pirouette en dedans.
The barre was all about balancing -- the teacher said we must find the balance right away. We did passes with pirouettes at the barre, balance in attitude and extend to arabesque and swing leg forward letting go of the barre. We did frappes on demi-toe with double and triple frappes to the side and hold the balance. I liked the grand battement combination: swing the leg forward, battements to the side, swing the leg back in arabesque battement. The fast tendus were almost impossible and I struggled to point my toes.
I had the same problem in center when I tried to point my toes while jumping. The jumps with pirouettes were easier somehow today. But, I will have to keep my wits to follow this teacher's petite allegro jumps. Changements with assembles, glissade jete, coupe, coupe, assemble, jete coupe assemble, beats. I will have to figure out some way to understand jumping patterns...
So I stayed for a while and stretched and waited forever for the bus. Another girl came and said her iPhone was telling her there was no longer any bus service. Oh, no, I thought. I had stretched too long and now will have to walk to the train, but she offered to share her cab with me and I got to the train, which was full of young girls. Such a cold night to be out, I thought. I was freezing by this time and walked home in a cold daze, although the bracing dry cold of the January night did feel rather good.

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