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Monday, December 20, 2010

Lunar Monday

Sitting at Belmont Subway listening to Christmas music -- there was also Christmas piano music in ballet class, taught by Alexei -- advanced class.  Hard but good.  I really admired his stance as he showed the combinations.  He looked so refined and dignified, as did the Academy students in the class, mostly teens.  Compared to them, I looked like a peasant, although when I left the studio, the receptionist said I looked fine.  I told her I want a video of myself dancing someday, because I always worry what I look like -- everybody says I don't look all that bad, but, compared to these young dancers, I feel ungraceful.  Still, I think, it's what you are used to, and if I went to this class regularly, my mannerisms would change.  If only it wasn't the money and all the cares of the world, I would just keep doing all these things I like and being with people I like.

Anyway, most dancers I have met have the same problems and it is not an easy life, but dancers are the most real people I know, most of them, anyway.  There will always be those who will be your rivals for whatever reason, but I was never the jealous type and, in fact, love it when someone does something well, because it advances things for everyone.  So, I marked the barre since I had the misfortune of standing at the front of the barre.  I am always good at barre, except this teacher demanded more clarity and nuance.  It is nice to dance like this, I thought.  He also stopped several girls and told them to engage their middles and not be so gangly.  Also, to move the head and arms.  Epaulment.

Center was faster than most I have had.  That is, you were expected to learn the combination and perform it, kind of like the classes I had attended in London at Pineapple Studio in Covent Garden.  There were a couple of allegro movements that eluded me, such as chasse forward, chasse back, chasse sideways pas de bourre; alternating to, finally, rotation to arabesque temps leve -- to fast music!  Also, we did echappe in second to attitude assemble alternating to coupe double ronde jambe en l'air.  I think the other students were used to this teacher's style, because everyone caught on.  Really simple movements are the hardest to do well, I thought.

But there were lots of other movements where I look quite good, such as the adagio.  I like adagios and slow movements.  Also, there was a jump combination that I did quite well...lunch over, time to move on to the gym.  More later...

It was crowded at the gym...lots of people working off the Christmas food, a girl commented.  So, I shared a lane in the pool but the other woman left after a few minutes and then I did my regular routine and went home.  I had missed the bus because I didn't want to trip in the falling snow, so I just waited for the next bus, watching the snow fall and thinking...

So, I must write down my steps in class today so I can practice on my own tomorrow.  I don't think I will be taking class because I am going to see the Nutcracker.  Besides, I would like to try this teacher's class again on Wednesday, even though he is the director of the school and I don't know what he thinks of me; still, I liked the class:

1. Face barre, tendu front, plie, side, plie, ronde jambe side to back, plie; repeat with ronde jambe to front, etc.  Cambres back to right, then to left.
2. Plies at barre same way, with arms.  Tendu to seconde, to first, roll through feet.  Roll through coupe front, coupe back, using epaulment.
3. Ronde jambes -- plie fondu devant around to back, ronde jambe fondu through 1st position; developpes through passe, passe to attitude, balance and extend leg to arabesque.
4. Fondu front, extend to attitude; en croix; extend from attitude to full extension.
5. Frappes front, side, double front, double back, frappes in seconde; beats.
6. Developpe front, grand ronde jambe to back, passe to ronde jambes en l'air.
7. Grand battements 2 front, 2 side, 2 back, swing legs en cloche.

1. Adagio: developpe croise front, developpe croise back, developpe seconde, ronde jambes to 4th position, pirouettes.
2. Tendu 2x croise front; tendu 2x ecarte, tendu 2x derrierre, fondu efface, soutenu, plie croise 4th, pirouettes.
3. Fondu croise front, ronde jambe leg to back, saute basque to pirouettes, balance, balance, pique arabesque, grapevine step, temps lie away.
4. Jumps, jumps in 1st, 2nd, changements, quatres.
5. Grand allegro: Balance, balance, detourne, chasse pas de bourre, grand jete, coupe, step around to pose in arabesque, arms elonge.

I loved this class because it was so classical, with all the ballet steps one reads about in books and dreams of executing perfectly, while dancing sweepingly across the floor.  When I see the ballet tomorrow, I will be watching for these sweeping classical movements and imagining what it would be like to be doing this on stage, the audience applauding madly at my grace, charm, and expertise...in my dreams, I am a ballerina.  Good night.

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