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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Well, I didn't go dancing today -- going to church for Christmas Eve gave such joy.  To see the children all dressed up.  There was a mother there who came in rather late and couldn't find a seat, so she sat on the floor with her daughter.  The cathedral mass is all music and sung responses; I did okay except during Silent Night, which was so quiet and high and my voice cracked, but I'm out of practice.  There were some familiar faces in the choir from my past.  Even though I went to the afternoon vigil, the church was packed.  The Midnight Mass at Holy Name Cathedral is always telecast on WGN, so I will watch it tonight.  The weather is rather nasty and the church is a distance away.  I remember many times when I was in choir, singing with a camera stuck in my face!

But before church, I dutifully went swimming at the gym -- the gym was deserted.  I guess everybody was Christmas shopping.  I have to go now and wrap the presents I bought for my family, since I am seeing them tomorrow.  The pool was cold but I ran some laps and walked sideways and soon I was warm and swimming with the men, who were doing multiple laps.  Then I went to church and now I'm home, waiting for Santa Claus.  Does he arrive at midnight?  If I see him, I'll take a picture for you...

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