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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday and class was cancelled

It was cancelled because I was the only one there. So I said goodbye to the teacher, who also showed up, after chatting for a while. It's nice to chat with the teachers sometimes, because what they do is always so interesting to me. That is why I always linger after classes and come early -- I like just being there.
Waste of time for both of us! It was just as well for me -- I still have my cold and I wisely did not swim yesterday or today, either. No gym today either because of dental appointment, but I did a lot of walking -- went to the planetarium and had fun looking at all the pictures of outer space and stars. I love museums and maybe tomorrow I will go to the Art Institute after dance class. The planetarium was free today and the Art Institute is free all month.
I am also getting a new puppy soon and I have been thinking about accommodations for him. Today I stopped by a pet store on the way to the planetarium and got a baby blue stuffed chicken plush toy I could not resist. What I really need is a good crate, perhaps a soft one that I can use when driving, because I would like to take my puppy out to my old dog's favorite dog park in the forest preserve so he can run safely. I hope someday to move out of the city -- it will be tough to travel to dance classes but I really love the outdoors and animals better...it is all so much more peaceful.
When I got home, the TV didn't work and now I have to figure out how to attach the new digital box but I don't care. I am always happy just reading my collection of books and letting my mind wander. So I am going to read that new dance book now...

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