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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sleepy Tuesday

The alarm didn't go off in time for me to get to early class, so I went to professional class near my home instead.  The professional dancers are fun to watch but I am still too much into technique to really dance like they do.  I think they laugh at me sometimes because I try to analyze everything, but that's how I am, I guess.  Still, I am getting better, although I don't like to sacrifice technique for an effect.  If my technique were a little more secure, maybe I could let it go, but when I almost twisted my ankle doing brises with hops on one leg going into brise vole, I told the teacher after class that my ankle wasn't rotating so I felt it twist and she said maybe it was a hip problem.  So I tried a pirouette and really tried to move from the hips and it was so much better.

Class was traditional barre with some fouettes thrown in and then the center was very abandoned...tendus to second, developpe croise fondu to arabesque, releve, faille, cambre pas de bourre en tournant, pirouettes.  Then there were lots of jumps, my downfall today because now my ankle has swollen and I just put my ice pack on it.  I think I will take it easy for a while.  I went on an errand and stopped at the fitness store to buy some protein bars and talked to the guy behind the counter about sports and professionals and he said to me that bad form always leads to injuries so I am rethinking about how to approach my technique.  I said to him that this also brings down the level of dance, when it is done carelessly.  At any rate, it's nice meeting sports-minded people like this to share my thoughts.  I still wish I could work at the gym or some similar place instead of just working out...

After taking care of some nasty business of where I will live next year, I went to a much-needed restorative yoga class.  Yoga is so relaxing, and then I worked on some gym machines for a while -- I wonder if this aggravated my ankle condition, but dancers never want to quit.  So tomorrow I will swim, always good for injured bodies.  Like Michael Phelps said, I feel at home in the water...  So, I kind of had a bad day, but I am always happy when the sun shines.  All I need are the elements...

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