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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Early Tuesday

Up early for class.  Lots of sunshine but cold.  What will today bring?  Hopefully I will get coffee somewhere...

No time for coffee.  I have to stop staying up so late and get up and smell the coffee!  I arrived in the cold studio and proceeded to work...use the arms, use the back, point the feet.  Today I had trouble straightening my legs and getting my hips warmed up but I felt more together after Pilates yesterday.  I had trouble doing the splits on such a cold day -- need hip wraps -- and leg over head was difficult, but I did it in degrees.  No point in stretching incorrectly and gripping everything to do it.

At center we did some nice combinations.  Mike always has such pretty combinations in class, but that is because he's a choreographer.  That's why I always enjoy the class, because I get to be creative, like he is.  We did chasse pas de bourres through 4th position, chasse pas de bourres through ecarte, rotation (which later became a pirouette), developpe croise pirouette dedans, pas de bourre en tournant, releve passe (which later became a pirouette through 5th position.

After that, we did balance balance, releve attitude turn, extend to arabesque, faille, detourne to sou sou, chainnes.  Mike told the class to go completely around before extending to arabesque and to use our shoulders.

We jumped:  temps leve, faille glissade assemble, faille assemble, across the floor and then the class ended too soon, and Mike wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  I want to take the class again -- I always feel more dancey after class, when I am all warmed up.  Like Birute, my teacher yesterday, said, you need to work.  I think if I focused more and took more chances, my danceability would improve.

Now to go and apply for a restaurant job, see my old friend I met in Pilates class over coffee, and maybe end the day at the gym.  One more day of class and then the feast comes.  My favorite food is the pumpkin pie.

The yoga teacher tonight said not to eat too much on Thanksgiving.  After I met my friend for coffee and shared a protein bar, she persuaded me to come to yoga class at the gym with her.  Great class -- I must continue.  I was able to crunch myself through it physically but it was great mentally.  I did not realize how tense I was today -- I was shaking for a while until I settled down.  Then I went to the sauna, too tired for my swim, but since I was there, I went to the Pilates class and then I walked home and did not even feel the cold, my core burning inside of me.  More tomorrow...

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